Business leadership on groundwater, an enabler of sustainable growth

Earth Security Group

The session seeks to catalyse the next generation of business leadership on groundwater. The Earth Security Group is presenting a CEO Briefing: Global Depletion of Aquifers, with a study of how 75 large multinationals communicate their groundwater risks, identifying areas of opportunity for corporate CEOs to support transboundary groundwater governance.

The event will explore:

1. Practical examples of how business can impact groundwater governance in key geographies.
2. Views on opportunities for cross-sector collaboration to support groundwater decision-making, evaluating potential roles of existing corporate initiatives.
3. The interest of multinational corporations to deepen cross-sector collaboration opportunities to improve decision-making on groundwater;
4. The practical modes of operation and opportunities for the sharing data and other capabilities across the private sector, the policy community and governments to enable policy-makers to make better decisions.


11:00 Welcome 
Johan Gély, Head of Global Programme Water Initiatives, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation


11:05 Presentation and framing: CEO Brief: Global Aquifer Depletion
Alejandro Litovsky, Founder/CEO, Earth Security Group


11:25 Panel discussion & Q&A
Moving towards collaboration
The panel kicks off the discussion on opportunities and interacts with the participants from business and policy on opportunities identified.
- Anna Swaithes, Director Sustainable Development, SABMiller
- Youssef Filali Meknassi, UNESCO-International Hydrological Prorgamme
- Anders Berntell, Executive Director, 2030 Water Resources Group / IFC

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