Results-Based Financing for Water Supply in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas

Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid

Results-based financing/output-based aid (RBF/OBA) approaches can provide innovative solutions to common development challenges found in the delivery of water supply services in rapidly urbanizing areas in developing countries. The event will include a discussion of urban water experience using results-based financing by a panel of senior officials from Kenya’s Water Service Trust Fund and Water Services Regulatory Board and the World Bank. Case studies on blended financing mechanisms in Kenya, and results-based financing applicability to irrigation schemes in other countries will be discussed.

09:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Catherine Commander O’Farrell, Head, GPOBA, World Bank



09:20 Blended Finance Mechanisms in Kenya
Robert Gakubia, CEO Water Services Regulatory Board, Kenya (WASREB)
Ismail Shaiye, CEO Water Services Trust Fund, Kenya (WSTF)



09:40 Results-Based Financing in Other Water Schemes
William Kingdom, Lead Water and Sanitation Specialist, World Bank
Rajesh Advani, Sr. Infrastructure Specialist, World Bank



10:00 Panel Q&A: Applying Results-Based Financing Approaches to Your Urban Water Service Challenges



10:25 Closing Remarks



10:30 End of Session

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Locals filling their bottles with public waters. Sanaía, Yemen Photo: Foad Al Harazi / World Bank
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