Building freshwater resilience for all

The Rockefeller Foundation

Rising demand for fresh water among and within sectors leads to overuse of water supplies, degraded ecosystems and the associated loss of ecosystem services. Around the world, river basins are locked into water use regimes that foster patterns of water use that are incongruent to society’s water needs and contrary to its best long term interests.  In times of growing scarcity, freshwater ecosystems and poor and vulnerable people commonly lose out to more powerful users.

At The Rockefeller Foundation, our goal is to build freshwater resilience globally – that is, the ability of freshwater ecosystems and dependent communities and industries to thrive in the face of change, such as extended droughts, land use changes, and excessive withdrawals. During this event, we will present a series of principles for adapting freshwater management practices to meet the water needs of economic growth, poor and vulnerable communities, and freshwater ecosystems. The event will assess the applicability of the principles and evaluate early evidence of their feasibility through case studies.


16:00  Welcome

Dr. Fred Boltz, The Rockefeller Foundation


16:05  Keynote

Dr. Casey Brown, University of Massachusetts


16:30  Case Study


17:00  Q&A

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