#SIWISofa: Addressing the social component of urban water management?

MakeSense; Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Veolia

Full coverage with 24/7 safe water supply is  demanding a lot more than financing infrastructures: it needs commitment at all levels of the society:

  • Political champions have to make disruptive decisions and ensure that they are sustained on the long term,
  • Municipal representatives must drive the utility operations towards optimal performance, preparing political decisions when need be
  • Inventive operators have to be ready to adapt their delivery modes to meet in one go the political and social demands
  • A willing local citizenry and industry have to take proactive roles in the projects


  • Patrick Rousseau (Veolia India, Director)
  • Ernesto Blanco (Delegate Director of Sistema de Aguas de la Ciudad de México (Sacmex)
  • Mauricio Romero-Lara (Veolia Mexico)

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