The Roundtable on financing water

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands; Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and World Water Council

Investment in water security falls short of global needs and goals. The impacts on communities, economies and the environment are significant. This is particularly so for sanitation and wastewater treament.

The Roundtable on Financing Water was initiated by the OECD, the World Water Council and the Netherlands to facilitate the financing of investments that contribute to water security and sustainable growth through: awareness-raising on the need for such investments; consensus building on the necessary enabling conditions; and the development of practical recommendations for action by the range of relevant stakeholders.

The Roundtable provides a global public– private platform for knowledge exchange and effective engagement, collaboration, and action across governments and regulators in developed, emerging and developing economies, institutional investors, the private sector, international organisations, philanthropies, academia and civil society organisations.

The session will continue discussions initiated at previous World Water Weeks and other fora, with illustrations for sanitation and wastewater treament. An interactive conversation with financiers will explore such issues as:

  • How to characterise robust pathways of investments? How to turn them into bankable options for investors?
  • How to blend different sources of finance?
  • How to package investment in water security into arrangements or service contracts that generate market-rate returns?

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Not available yet.

Monday 16:00-17:30
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