Bioenergy, water and SDG implementation: Experiences and linkages

Chalmers Energy Area of Advance and Global Bioenergy Partnership

This event disseminates the outcomes of an initiative to collect examples of positive bioenergy and water linkages. This collection showcases innovative examples of how bioenergy systems - in both the feedstock production and conversion phases - can produce positive impacts on the status of water. The examples that have been documented so far cover a wide range of geographic locations, feedstocks, bioenergy pathways and practices. They come from 11 countries across six continents: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, South Africa and the United States of America. Each example includes qualitative and/or quantitative data on the positive impacts on water quality and availability, biomass/bioenergy production as well as any possible co-benefits that were observed.

The event builds on an integrative understanding of bioenergy and water, aiming to contribute to SDG implementation. Selected positive examples will be presented together with learning from activities addressing linkages between SDGs and the GBEP Sustainability Indicators, which are intended to guide analysis undertaken of bioenergy at the domestic level with a view to informing decision making and facilitating the sustainable development of bioenergy in a manner consistent with multilateral trade.

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Thursday 09:00-10:30
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Summer Bloom in the Baltic Sea (Credit: Jeff Schmaltz)
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