Clean and Circular: The Future of Made In China Fashion

C&A Foundation and China Water Risk

Fashion is dirty and thirsty. In China, the textile industry discharges twice the amount of wastewater than the coal industry. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most targeted industries in China’s War on Pollution.  

Given the country’s aim to become “Beautiful China”, “where the sky is blue, the land is green and the water runs clear”, the global fashion industry is vulnerable. Some are seizing this to lead on making clothes that don’t harm the environment. Can the industry survive this transition?

Presentations from on-ground stakeholders will cover the Chinese perspective on action and best practice for management of wastewater, chemicals, raw materials and waste. Water stewardship innovations, as well as business risks and opportunities in water and fashion will also be discussed. Topics will include:

Greening textiles: The stringent ‘Water Ten Plan’ means many suppliers have already shutdown. Find out what China’s industry association is doing today.
Disclosure: Chinese manufacturers are facing the brunt of the clean-up, especially with real-time emissions data. How are they performing?  Are brands helping?
Raw materials: Still produced and dyed in China, these are also thirsty and dirty. China wants them to go circular. Where are brands on closing the loop?

The event will include various presentations as well as a panel discussion where the audience can ask questions. More details to come soon. 

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Not available yet.

Wednesday 11:00-12:30
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