Toilet Board Coalition Business Approaches to Waste to Resource Models

Toilet Board Coalition

The Toilet Board Coalition, a business led public-private partnership supporting business solutions and innovation for self-sustaining sanitation systems, will share at WWW 2017 its exciting progress on private sector engagement in sanitation for all with its new work with business models delivering sanitation in the circular economy.

The TBC's Toilet Accelerator program, introduced at WWW 2016, forms unique collaborations between multinational corporations, small sanitation businesses operating in low-income markets, governments and leading NGOs in the water and sanitation sectors.  The TBC’s business platform seeks to demonstrate new business opportunity spaces for future smart, sustainable sanitation systems to be delivered through the market, providing self-sustaining models that cut costs for governments and create new revenue streams for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses. We will present the results of our 2016 projects, the progress on our 2017 projects focused on the business opportunities in bringing Sanitation into the Circular Economy: the transition to self-sustaining and value adding sanitation systems of "Toilet Resources” and the new products up-cycled from toilet waste - such as energy, agricultural products, proteins, information and more.  We are also proud to provide a preview of an exciting new project which will launch in India in 2018.

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Tuesday 16:00-17:30
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