Accountability in WASH: from emergency to development

Global WASH Cluster; UNDP-SIWI Water Governance Facility and United Nations Children’s Fund

During emergencies and crisis, multiple coping strategies and external aid modalities to urgent needs to water and sanitation emerge which lead to a diverse set of service delivery models. Roles of development partners, state, provider and citizens in WASH delivery are often in a flux and relations among stakeholders are weak, convoluted or even, non-existent.  

This session will look into how accountability mechanisms can be set up to ensure that investment in WASH strengthens and not undermines the relationship between service delivery and long-term state building.

This session will examine 3 case studies of different contexts (emergency relief, recovery state and development) with the audience taking up specific roles as user, service providers, local authority or development partners. Speakers will spend 5 minutes introducing the problem they face supplying water in their different context. The audience will then propose a strategy on what they think should be done to improve service delivery by ensuring accountability mechanisms are in place. Each dialogue will run for 15 minutes after which there will be a reflection on the case to analyze  positions taken  and overall reflections on the challenges and opportunities for using accountability mechanisms to improve service delivery and state building.

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Monday 16:00-17:30
FH 307
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