Give a boost to sanitation entrepreneurs!

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Ennovent India Advisors Pvt Ltd and IRC

There is a lack of scalable businesses in the faecal sludge and sanitation space. Entrepreneurs do not have sufficient insight on various barriers and opportunities for sanitation businesses along the sanitation chain. That was one of the key findings from the Sanitation Innovation Accelerator (SIA) work carried out in India by IRC and Ennovent. Having yet another incubator initiative to attract businesses is not going to solve these challenges.

This event draws lessons from a couple of scoping studies in India (and planned work is in progress for 3 other countries).  What are the market opportunities from the perspective of investors; what are the conditions for resources, for recovery, for reuse; are there any incentives from government to tap into? What is actually the role of government? How can government agencies assist entrepreneurs seize opportunities?  And then... how to respond to this?

The event will 1) present findings from the market studies and share practical cases from IRC, Ennovent and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; 2) share our response which builds on the BOOST programme from another sector (clean cooking) to get more capable and scalable businesses and 3) provide space for sharing alternative responses from participants.

Not available yet.

Not available yet.

Monday 14:00-15:30
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Jan Willem Rosenboom
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