Water Stewardship - different ways but same objectives?

2030 Water Resources Group; Alliance for Water Stewardship; International Water Stewardship Program; UNGC CEO Water Mandate and World Wide Fund for Nature - UK

Engagement with the private sector on water has grown rapidly over the past decade.  The drivers for this are diverse and include the need to respond to operational, regulatory and reputational risks related to water:  improving the performance of big water users, the potential for private sector to mobilize finance, innovation, influence and political will to address shared water challenges. Collaboration by private sector, governments, civil society, and communities offer new ways to improve water security and increase economic resilience.
This event is organized by a number of the initiatives and organizations that work with private sector to address the water challenges in various ways.
• Through concrete cases, the session will showcase water stewardship, the different initiatives, and the impact they have on water security and the SDGS.
• What connects the different programs, is there a shared understanding of water stewardship, and what’s a vision of what it’s trying to achieve? 
• What differentiates the initiatives, what are their value adds, and how do they complement each other?
• Where are the initiatives collaborating and drawing  on each other’s strengths, and where are opportunities to collaborate more
• How do the initiatives align with and support national policies? 


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Wednesday 11:00-12:30
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