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Water in the circular economy: opportunities and challenges

Sunday 27 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: NL Music Hall / Musiksalen
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We can no longer afford to follow a linear water paradigm where water is used once and then discarded. A transition from a linear to circular economy paradigm for water and wastewater is essential to address current and projected water challenges. A circular economy requires that the value of water and its associated wastes are internalized in economic decisions which will, in turn, drive innovation in public policy, financing, business models, and technology.

This seminar will address several critical questions to be addressed by researchers and stakeholders as we collectively transition to a circular water economy. These include how to:

  1. Overcome current challenges and take advantage of opportunities
  2. Leverage and accelerate cutting-edge innovations
  3. Apply collective action frameworks to mobilize stakeholders and achieve a bold vision  


A Bold Vision for the Circular Economy

16:00 Session 3 Introduction 
Dr. Fred Boltz
, The Rockefeller Foundation

16:10 Framework for Implementing the Circular Economy 
Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy, IWMI 

16:25 Interactive Panel on the Path Forward 
Moderator: Dr. Fred Boltz, The Rockefeller Foundation

  • Circular Economy Approach to Wastewater Treatment- A Danish Example
    Theis Gadegaard, Krüger A/S 
  • Circular Economies of Waste with Technology Enabling Replication
    Eleanor Allen, Water for People 
  • Quantifying the Circular Water Economy: The Case of Singapore 
    Julian Kirchherr, Utrecht University, and  Martin Stavenhagen, IWP

17:10 Sustainability & Water Reuse  A New Era 
Rick Warner, WEF

17:25 Conclusions/Recommendations from Entire Seminar
Will Sarni, Water Foundry

17:30 Close of session