Global Water Solidarity- Promoting decentralized solidarity in WASH sector

Stockholm International Water Institute

Global Water Solidarity (GWS) is an International Platform within the UNDP-SIWI Water Governance Facility portfolio established to promote the decentralized water solidarity approach in water and sanitation sector. The Platform gathers over 100 members and spreads its local level facilitated projects in over 10 countries. The objective of the showcase event would be to demonstrate a solid case of the GWS contribution to the new 2030 agenda through an enhanced policy and governance exchange solidarity financing mechanism. The showcase will invite three panelist to present the overall approach. Our event aims to promote this innovative financing mechanism and attract more stakeholders in particular from the donor community. 

Henri Begorre, French Water Partnership, Honorary President

Veronica Girardi, EC DEVCO Water Sector, Quality Management Officer

Milo Fiasconaro, Aqua Publica Europea, Executive Director

Ivan Draganic, SIWI Water Governance Facility, Programme Manager

The showcace will seek to synergize with other UNDP SIWI WGF portofolio projects and outline clear links for future joint actions. It intends to build a merged picture of nexus of various activities the WGF is perforiming around its governance portfolio.

Sunday 11:00-12:30
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