Overcoming water scarcity and drought trough ‘reduce and re-use’

Earthmind; International Water Association and Stockholm International Water Institute

With the SDGs and Paris Agreement commitment to act on water scarcity and drought, we have a unique opportunity to build momentum across the world, across stakeholders and across sectors.  It is only with sustained and innovative effort that we will be able to tackle these issues for the benefit of people, business and society.


Going forward, we need to build systems that are more resilient; augmenting water supply through using a portfolio of water sources, including by re-using water. We also need to focus on addressing water demand through reducing inefficient water use and allocations.


The plenary panel will discuss how we can put in place a more pro-active action oriented approach to water scarcity and drought management by focusing on:

Creating climate preparedness and resilience through effective policy, planning, regulations and incentives;
Establishing portfolios of water supply and demand management that reduce water demand and losses, reuse water, desalinate, replenish water stores in groundwater and refill reservoirs;
Mobilizing public and private investments with a focus on resources that can be used to build new infrastructure and institutions or upgrade existing ones.
Strengthening data collection, processing and use in combination with an exchange of knowledge and know-how amongst stakeholders;

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Monday 14:00-15:30
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