Bridging Land-Water-Ecosystem Divides

Changes in land use alter water partitioning and therefore both downwind rainfall patterns, runoff generation, river seasonality and ecosystem health. Since access to both surface water and groundwater are generally linked to access to land, land use planning needs to be balanced against implications for both water and ecosystems, and integrated approaches made possible through close cooperation between the respective governance bodies.

In view of increasing land and water scarcities and deteriorating ecosystems, ways have to be sought for bridging land/water/ecosystem divides and securing integrated land/water/ecosystem management. What are the primary barriers delaying constructive approaches and how can they be overcome?

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Solutions: Ecosystem Services as Entry Point
Chair: Dr. Andrew Noble, WLE


14:00    Keynote Mainstreaming ecosystem services into decision-making. Prof. Gretchen Daily, Stanford University, USA
14:20    Interspecies equity: Apportioning Water Fairly among Cities, Agriculture and Ecosystems. Ms Renee Martin-Nagle, ELI,  USA
14:40    Managing Land and Water at Meso-Scales: A Case Study in South Africa. Dr. Robyn Johnston, IWMI, Sri Lanka
15:00    Plenary Discussion
15:10    Speed Presentation of Posters


15:30    Coffee Break


Solutions: Governance at Different Scales
Chair: Dr. Andrew Noble, WLE


16:00    Keynote: The Joy of Floods: Bottom-up versus Top-down Water and Land Governance in African Floodplains and Deltas. Dr. Olivier Hamerlynck, Kenya Wetlands Biodiversity Research Team, Kenya
16:20    Making Watershed Communities Adaptive to Climate Change, India. Mr. Eshwer Kale, Watershed Organisation Trust, India
16:40    Enhancing the Ecological Integrity, Ecological Services and Sustainable Business of Commercial Tea Estates. Dr. Indika P. P. Gunawardana, Cap-Net
17:00    Plenary Discussion. Moderator: Dr. Roberto Lenton, Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute at the University of Nebraska
17:20    Workhop Conclusions. Dr. Andrew Noble, WLE


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