Bridging the Land-Water Divide: The Role of Water Law

Legislation regulating the development and use of water resources in general and, in particular, of groundwater resources, and the legislation governing town and country planning, and urban development, tend to go their own separate ways, and are administered by branches of government operating at different levels under the authority of different statutes, without coordination. This is a grey area of water legislation which needs attention, alongside a parallel attention to town and country planning and urban development legislation, with a view to weaving in the fabric of both sets of laws a tightly-knit web of consistent substantive and procedural requirements aimed at a common purpose - that of ensuring the long-term sustainability of renewable groundwater reserves, and controlling land uses which are the source of diffuse pollution of water resources. There is much scope for improvement on this score, also as regards the linkages between managing the harmful effects of flood waters and regulating urban development and land use in the floodplains of rivers and streams.

17:45    Opening Address. Ms. Alice Aureli, UNESCO

17:50    Bridging the Land/Water Divide - The Role of Water Legislation - Part One. Mr. Stefano Burchi,  AIDA

18:10    Bridging the Land/Water Divide - The Role of Water Legislation - Part Two. Mr. Stephen Hodgson, AIDA

18:30    Debate

18:45    Closing Remarks. Ms. Alice Aureli, UNESCO

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