Broadening Meaning & Practice of Water Operators Partnership

One form of cooperation has been steadily growing and evolving in the water sector. Not-for-profit partnerships amongst water operators improve the capacity of operators to provide better, more sustainable services to the citizens. This type of cooperation is known as Water Operators’ Partnerships or “WOPs”. There are various levels of WOPs: north-south/south-south in the region as well as inter-regions. At the same time, there are WOPs amongst national peers. In Germany, formalized regional water operators associations manage water resources and offer a regional supply for more than 100 years and utilities neighbourhoods share equipment and motivate their operational staff. The seminar will help advance cooperation at different levels - personal, utility, city and international - through cases of operators’ cooperation activities in the world. The discussion is expected to elaborate the nature of cooperation and explore the possibility of replication/application under different conditions, for the WOPs to serve as a conduit for deeper cooperation.

14:00    Welcome and Introduction of the Seminar. Mr. Bert Diphoorn, UN-Habitat


Setting the Scene  

14:05    What Are the Opportunities and Potentials of Water Operators’ Partnerships. Dr. Faraj El-Awar, GWOPA

14:25    Good Practices and Trends on Inter-municipal Utilities Cooperation in Europe. Mr. Jürgen Bolder, Freiburg Wastewater and Drainage Works, Germany


Case Presentations on WOPs and Different Levels of Cooperation

14:45    Cases from Asia on WOPs and Cooperation. Ms. Lu Shen, ADB, and Ms. Mai Flor, WaterLinks

15:05    A Case of WOP betweem Dunea and Mwauwasa from Africa on WOPs and Cooperation. Ms. Wilma Berentsen, AbvaKabo FNV, and Mr. Leo Nijland, Dunea


15:25    Coffee Break


Case Presentations on Different Approaches to the Cooperation

15:45    A Case from Germany on Cooperation between Neighbourhood Utilities. Mr. Rüdiger Heidebrecht, DWA, Germany

16:10    Cooperation and Capacity Development in the Water and Sanitation Sector. UNW-DCP

16:20    A Case of Integrated Urban Water Management Approach.  Karachi Water Partnership/GWP

16:35    Panel Discussion: Challenges for Different Levels of Water Cooperation in Implementing WOPs -  How Good Practices can be Replicated

  • Dr. Detlef Klein, GIZ
  • Mr. Gerard Payen, Aquafed
  • Ms. Satoko Kishimoto, TNI
  • Mr. Manuel Marino, WB

17:25    Closing Remarks. Mr. Bert Diphoorn, UN-Habitat

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