Climate Uncertainty in Water Resources Planning and Management

How do we connect relevant science - climate science, hydrology, ecology - with water resources managers to develop effective management and climate change adaptation strategies? Are the gaps between science and management primarily about communicating new perspectives, or does climate adaptation science suggest we need new decision-making processes?

This one-hour side event will begin to bridge these gaps by establishing a science-policy interface between scientists, policymakers, and resource managers so as to facilitate a sustained dialogue among them, along the line of UN processes and mechanisms, and in the context of global and climate changes. This side event will invite decision makers, researchers, and water managers to present their perspectives and experiences in a lively panel-audience discussion focusing on how to move beyond climate uncertainties and into a new era of science-based resilient water management.

Photo Credit: Laurent Mignaux METL-MEDDE

Moderator: Anil Mishra, UNESCO-IHP


12:45    Opening Comments and Welcoming Speeches. Dr. Blanca Jiménez-Cisneros, UNESCO-IHP, and Mr. Philippe Guettier, FWP, France

12:50    Connecting Science and Water Management. Mr. Philippe Dupont, ONEMA, France

12:55    Enhancing the Interface between Science and Policy to Meet Water Security Challenges. Ms. Maria Betti, EC JRC

13:00    Coping with Uncertainties Related to Climate Change and Develop Adaptation Practices at the River Basin Level. Ms. Sonja Koeppel, UNECE

13:05    Building Trust Regarding Adaptation Strategies for Water Users. Mr. John Matthews, AGWA

13:10    Global Framework for Climate Services. Mr.  Bruce Stewart, WMO

13:15    Incentives, Diversification and Optionality: An Economic Perspective on Managing Climate Risk and Uncertainty. Ms. Kathleen Dominique, OECD

13:20    Discussion

13:40    Closing Remarks. Prof. Soontak Soontak Lee, Co-Chair of the International Steering Committee, 7th World Water Forum

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