Cooperation Across and within Jurisdictions and Levels for Good Water Governance - Local to Global

This workshop will explore the social, economic, institutional, legal and political dimensions of cooperation from the micro-scale through the municipal, urban, national, regional, transboundary and even global levels. Particular attention will be given to the interwoven linkages between water cooperation, water security and water governance at different scales.

What does the principle of subsidiarity really mean? Are there common principles that apply across all levels? What formal and informal arrangements, frameworks, mechanisms are most effective in delivering results? How can we enable and achieve effective cooperation between administrative boundaries and across sectors - engaging non-water stakeholders, including the private sector?

Cooperation for Allocation of the Water Resources at the Catchment Level
Chair: Mr. Steven Downey, GWP


09:00    Introduction
09:05    Keynote: Cooperation at the Catchment Level – The Key to Sustainable Water Resources Management. Dr. Joakim Harlin, UNDP
09:25    Lessons in Governance and Cooperation from the Establishment of the First 5 Catchment Management Agencies in South Africa. Dr Guy Pegram, Pegasys, South Africa
09:40    Contamination of Community Potable Water from Land Transactions: A Positive Solution from a Successful Negotiation Process in Tanzania. Ms. Serena Arduino, ACRA-CCS, Italy
09:55    From Conflict to Cooperation: Change in Water Allocation Institutions in Las Vegas. Ms. Christa Brelsford, Arizona State University, USA
10:10    Discussion


10:30    Coffee Break


Cooperation to Ensure Effective Urban/Rural Interface
Chair:  Dr. Joakin Harlin, UNDP


11:00    Equitable Payment for Watershed Services. Dr. Julio C. Tresierra, Equitable Payments for Watershed Services, WWF-NL, The Netherlands
11:25    Why is GW Protection Important for Sustainable Sanitation and City Planning in Lusaka?  Mr. Simon Kang’omba, Department of Water Affairs, Zambia
11:45    Discussion


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