Cooperation for Sustainable Benefits and Financing of Water Programmes

This workshop will address mechanisms to support sustainable implementation and operation of water programmes. Challenges related to risk sharing, trust building and managing uncertainty in costs and other parameters will be debated. Questions will be raised such as:

  • Why is cooperation an integral part of financing? Who needs to cooperate and for what? What are the constraints and can they be overcome?
  • Who should pay: the users (which are not always easy to identify), tax payers (eventually reluctant to raising taxes), or voluntary financiers (who might require return with low risk)? What is a fair allocation of financial burden?
  • How do we ensure well-functioning programmes in the long run? What is the role of political will and discretion?

9:00 Welcome. Mr Anthony Cox, OECD

Session 1 - Panel Discussion on Key Workshop Themes

9:05    Keynote. Professor Ben Braga, WWC

9:20     Panellists:
                         Mr. Phillipe Rohner, Pictet
                         Mr. Ronan Palmer, Environment Agency, UK
                         Mr. Peter Hofbauer, Hermes GPE
                         Dr. Jerson Kelman, University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10:15    Discussion


10:30    Coffee Break


Session 2 - 21st Century Approaches for Financing Local WatSan Projects

11:00     Introduction. Mr. Jack Moss, Aquafed

11:05     Microfinance for Household Water and Sanitation: Lessons Learned in India. Mr. Rich Thorsten,, USA

11:20    Collaboration Between Utilities, a Commercial Bank, a Mobile Phone Operator, and Development Agencies for Inclusive Water Services in Kenya's Urban Low-Income Communities. Mr. Patrick Mwangi, World Bank, Kenya  

11:35     Financing Water and Sanitation in the Lake Victoria Water Region. Dr. Graham Alabaster, UN-HABITAT, Kenya

11:50    Building Partnerships in the WASH Sector through Results-Based Financing. Mr. Per Ljung, East Meets West, Vietnam

12:05    Discussion


This event will continue in the afternoon click here more for more information

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