Eye on Asia: Vitality High & Energy Low – Critical Challenges for East Asia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands; The World Agroforestry Centre;

As Asian economies thrive, there is a pressing need for policymakers to balance demand for water from competing sectors. Water, food and energy security become increasingly critical to sustaining growth, and alleviating these concerns requires new approaches to resource management and innovative thinking to change the current trajectory of increasing water stress and expanding environmental degradation.

Eye on Asia will bring together international and regional specialists to highlight challenges and strategies for addressing emerging water, food and energy security concerns. The Morning Sessions (part 1) will focus on East Asia and the Afternoon Sessions (part 2) on South Asia and South East Asia. Part 1 will consider the regions’ characteristics underlying water distribution and availability, and how climate change amplifies water constraints and surpluses.

Competition for water between energy and agriculture will be examined and concerns about sustainable hydropower and ecosystems and vulnerable rural communities discussed. Progress in adoption of innovative energy and water resources planning will be reviewed and successful technological advances in energy efficiency and clean energy and strategic-level integrated spatial planning approaches to project-specific payment for environmental services and community-based catchment restoration described.

Photo credit: ADB

09:00               Welcome and Opening Remarks

                        Mr. Ayumi Konishi, ADB

09:10               Publication launch: “Demand in the Desert: Mongolia’s                          Water-Energy MiningNexus”

                       ADB and Mongolian Ministry of Environment and Green                        Development

09:20               Presentation 1: Mongolia Water-Energy Nexus

                       Mr. Tulga Buya, Mongolian Ministry of Environment and                        Green Development (Vice Minister)

09:40               Presentation 2: PRC Water-Energy Nexus

                       Dr. Lailai, WRI

09:55               Panel Discussion for Presentations 1 and 2

                       Mr. Tulga Buya, Ministry of Environment and Green                              Development (Mongolia)
                       Dr. Lailai, WRI
                       Mr. Qingfeng Zhang, ADB
                       Mr. Ayumi Konishi ADB

10:40               Coffee Break

11:05               Presentation 3: Saving Energy and Reducing Costs for                          Water Pollution Control and Treatment in PRC                                      (tentative)

                        Dr. Wang Longmian, Ministry of Environmental                                     Protection, PRC

11:25               Presentation 4: Achieving Economic Development                                within a Water Scarce Context: Challenges in the                                South-Gobi Mining Sector, Mongolia

                       Mr. D. Dorjsuren, WRG 2030, and Ms. Jennifer Möller-                          Gulland, PwC

11:40               Panel Discussion for Presentations 3 and 4

                       Mr. D. Dorjsuren, WRG 2030,
                       Dr. Wang Longmian, Ministry of Environmental                                    Protection, PRC
                       Mr. Anthony Jude, ADB
                       Mr. Lifeng Li, WWF

12:25               Concluding Remarks

                       Mr. Ayumi Konishi, ADB

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