Eye on Asia: India’s Power for Irrigation Challenge

The World Agroforestry Centre;

As Asian economies thrive, there is a pressing need for policymakers to balance demand for water from competing sectors. Water, food and energy security become increasingly critical to sustaining growth.  Alleviating these concerns requires new approaches to resource management and innovative thinking to change the current trajectory of increasing water stress and expanding environmental degradation.

Eye on Asia will bring together international and regional specialists to highlight challenges and strategies for addressing emerging water, food and energy security concerns. The Morning Sessions (part 1) will focus on East Asia and the Afternoon Sessions (part 2) on South Asia and South East Asia.

The lunch session will hone in on India’s “power for irrigation” challenge. The  panel will lead discussion on solar energy and irrigation issues and challenges, including use of solar pumping to provide farmers with predictable and reliable electricity and its potential to reduce overconsumption of subsidized electricity, promote more efficient water use, and ultimately effectively target several resource challenges.

The goal is to enhance participants’ understanding of WFE issues in some of the fastest growing economies from different perspectives. Regional stakeholders will engage in interactive discussions on relevant issues in the region.

Photo credit: Jitendra Raj Bajracharya, ICIMOD

12:45  Agricultural Energy Use in India - The Rationale for Solar

           Ms. Shannon Cowlin, ADB

13:00  Solar Pumps and South Asia’s Water-Energy Nexus: Five Problems-One Solution

            Mr. Tushaar Shah, International Water Management                              Institute

13:15  Discussions and Questions on

  1. Designing Interventions for Social Inclusiveness and Water Use Efficiency, and
  2. The Business Case for Water Conservation in the Absence of Price Signals

13:40  Conclusion

           Mr. Anthony Jude, ADB

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