Governance Aspects of Integrating Urban Planning and Water Management in the City of the Future

Planning of water and wastewater systems in the future sustainable city is closely connected with the urban planning. Urban planners may facilitate clever water and sanitation management; water planners may offer opportunities to protect and beautify the city. This seminar will bring together water managers and urban planners from Europe, Asia and Africa for showcasing good examples and discussing development and co-operation.

The objective of the seminar is to highlight the need and benefits of integrating and emphasising water, in a wide sense, in the planning of cities of the future. The seminar focuses on the intersection between urban spatial planning and the planning, design and operation of sustainable urban water and sanitation systems. The following issues will be highlighted:

  • Governance aspects of integrating urban planning and water management.
  • Planning for water, wastewater and stormwater in new cities as well as in old industrial areas in existing cities.
  • Inclusive citywide planning for the needs of all urban dwellers.
  • Integrating water services with energy production and the use of nutrients for agriculture.
  • Water as a quality in the urban landscape.
  • Centralised, semi-decentralised and local water and wastewater systems.
  • Future challenges to the provision of sustainable water and sanitation services in the city.

The seminar will include presentations by urban planners and water managers in innovative cities, followed by a panel discussion.

Chairperson: Mr Ken Caplan, BPD

09:00    Opening Comments and Welcoming Speeches. Mr. Tom Williams, IWA, Mr. Timeyin Uwejamomere, WaterAid and Dr. Marianne Kjellén, SIWI

09:45    Building Water-Smart Cities: Urban Africa Re-imagined. Ms. Akissa Bahri, AWF

10:00    Water and Future Cities: an OECD Perspective. Mr. Anthony Cox, OECD

10:15    Implementation of Water Policies and Practices in Lagos, Nigeria. Honourable Commissioner Mr.  Olutoyin Ayinde, Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, Nigeria


10:30 Coffee Break


Chairperson: Mr. Glen Daigger, IWA

11:00    Inclusive Urban Planning for Water and Sanitation – Lessons from South Asia and Africa. Mr. Timeyin Uwejamomere, WaterAid

11:15    Water as an Integrated Part of the Planning of the city of Växjö, Sweden. Ms. Malin Engström, City of Växjö Sweden

11.30    Panel Discussion

11.55    Closing Remarks. Prof. Per-Arne Malmqvist, SIWI

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