Groundwater Information Reliability and International Cooperation

When is groundwater information sufficiently reliable for international cooperation? To answer this question the Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN) programme will be presented including postulates, the results so far, and the plans for coming years. This will be followed by a presentation on groundwater monitoring in data sparse regions and by another showing example from a data rich (and technologically advanced) region.

Both presentations will address data ownership, accessibility, reliability, processing, dissemination, and other relevant issues. A panel composed of representatives of various groundwater stakeholders will reflect on the presented programme and examples. They will also give their opinions and recommendations for using groundwater information to enhance cooperation.

17:45    Introduction to the Global Groundwater Monitoring Network. Mr. Neno Kukuric, IGRAC

17:55    Groundwater Monitoring in the SADC Region. Mr. Alloice Kaponda, Ministry of Water, Tanzania

18:05    Interoperable Groundwater Data Exchange Network emerging in North America. Mr. Boyan Brodaric, Geological Survey of Canada

18:15    Monitoring and Managing Groundwater Storage Changes Using the NASA GRACE Satellite Mission.  Mr. Jay Famiglietti, University of California

18:25 Panel Discussion

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