Innovations for More Food with Less Water and Less Energy

Lahmeyer International GmbH
Asian Development Bank; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; International Water Management Institute and The World Bank Group

This event is a two-part seminar. The first part, co-convened by ADB, IWMI and Lahmeyer International, will raise awareness of the irrigation community in innovative thinking for improving productivity of water as a key dimension of the water-food-energy nexus. Cross-country case studies of large canal systems will be presented, illustrating state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques and approaches to management reforms and irrigation modernization, including conjunctive management of surface/groundwater and the use of remote sensing. One successful strategy - high-efficiency drip irrigation - will be the focus in the second part convened by IRD and WUR.

Participants will be engaged interactively to contribute their own knowledge and experiences to help generate recommendations to improve on the methodologies used, including potential use in their own setting. Working groups will examine recent real-world information and data including systems analyses, performance benchmarking findings, participatory rural appraisals, and assessments of service delivery agencies and farmer organizations. 

In plenary presentations, panel discussions and interactive working groups, participants will develop recommendations for management and institutional reforms and associated physical modernisation works to sustain much needed productivity increases while reducing the overall energy intensity of irrigated production. In the final facilitated discussion session recommendations will be compared with study findings.

14:00   Welcome and Opening Remarks.
           Mr. Lance Gore, ADB
           Mr. Michael Chegwin, LI
14:15   Group Work on Themes as Follows: 


Performance Evaluation Tools - Remote Sensing and Benchmarking - state of the art assessment strategies of irrigation performance
 Moderator: Dr. Beau Freeman, LI and Mr. Remco Dost, eLeaf 

Approaches to institutional reforms that engage stakeholders as active participants.
 Moderator: Dr. Asad Zaman, LI
 Moderator: Mr. A. K. M. Fazlul Hoque Majumder, BETS


Synthesizing technical and institutional assessments into strategic modernization planning

Moderator: Mr. Lance Gore, ADB
Moderator: Mr. Adrian Young, LI


Past and ongoing modernization efforts in the Asian Region.
Moderator: Mr. Malik Ravinder, IWMI


14:45   Reporting Back from Themes.

15:05   Panel Discussion and Q&A.

15:25   Wrap-Up.

15:30   Close of Seminar and Coffee Break


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Thursday 14:00-17:30
Room T5
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