Integrating Water Priorities and Perspectives in the Americas

Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Basic Industries; CAF - Development Bank of Latin America; Environmental and Water Resources Institute;

The Coordination of the Americas Pan-regional Process towards the 7th World Water Forum convene this seminar to gather multi-disciplinary stakeholders, in order to discuss water priorities in the region, to assess the work done regarding each one of them, and to agree on which solutions conceived so far can be implemented and further mobilized.

Accordingly to the WWW 2014 overarching theme, one of the Americas identified priorities is water and energy. The water-energy nexus provides a key opportunity for cities and utilities to lower energy use and costs, along with reducing their carbon footprint, also mitigating greenhouse gases. However, such nexus must be approached as a mutual impact; we should not think only of water for energy, but also energy for water and its reciprocal implications.

Together with issues such as: how to implement human right to water; how is the region managing extreme weather events, especially risks to water supply systems; how to achieve water sustainable cities; how to formulate a strategy for integrated water resources management and ecosystems conservation; the water-energy nexus will be discussed and fed from the participants experience and standpoint.

14:00-14:10   Welcome remarks

                       Mr. Roberto Olivares, Pan-Regional Coordinator of the Americas

14:05-14:10   Delivery of the PISAPyS Award

General Framework

14:10-14:25   The Regional Process: a pillar of the World Water Forum

                        - Regional input from previous Fora

                        - The regions in the 7th WWF

                        Mr. Torkil Jonch Clausen and Mr. Byungman Choi, Co-chairs of the Regional Process Commission (TBC)

Regional Approach

14:25-14:40   Thematic priorities in the Americas

                         - 6 priorities

                         - Institutions involved (WISE)

                         - Preparatory process progress (SMART)

                         Mr. Roberto Olivares, Pan-Regional Coordinator of the Americas

Sub-regional focus

14:40-14:50   North America

                      Mr. Dale Jacobson, EWRI-ASCE

14:50-15:00   Mexico

                       Victor Alcocer, IMTA

15:00-15:20   Coffee break

15:20-15:30   Central America and the Caribbean

                       Mrs. Fabiola Tabora, GWP

15:30-15:40   South America

                       Mr. Victor Arroyo and Mr. Newton Lima,  CAF - ABDIB

Cross-cutting perspectives

15:40-15:50   Regional water politics

                      Mr. Gerardo Gaudiano, Mexican Parliament

15:50-16:00   Science and Technology


16:00-16:10   Common regional challenges

                       Mrs. Zelmira May, UNESCO

16:10-16:20   Human Right to Water and Sanitation

                       Mrs. Judith Dominguez, CONAGUA

Input to the Americas Regional Process

16:20-17:10   Small-groups exercise to formulate input and comments on the process development and how to implement solutions to regional and sub-regional challenges.

                        Mr. Victor Alcocer, Facilitator

17:10-17:25   Exposition of input per group (5 groups: North America/ Mexico/ Central America/ South America/ Cross-cutting)

                       1 group representative (5), 3 min each.

17:25-17:30   Conclusions: Towards a Regional Water Platform and a Regional Agenda

                       Mr. Roberto Olivares

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