LAC Focus: Water Security under the Regional Cooperation Efforts

Healthy ecosystems provide the basis for the water on which human health and well-being depend. However, inefficient water use, poorly-designed water projects, uncontrolled industrial pollution, rapid population growth, and climate change are placing a burden on these ecosystems and the future availability of freshwater resources. Integrated approaches to WASH and ecosystem conservation are critical for addressing these threats and require collaboration between the development sector, which promotes water infrastructure, and the conservation sector, focused on the protection of water resources. Examples of integrated efforts already exist. However, these efforts will need to be scaled up and multiplied to meet the world’s growing environmental and development challenges.

This session will offer an opportunity for cross-regional learning. Efforts to integrate WASH and conservation in different regions of the world will be presented as an opportunity for discussion: what can we learn from other regions? Are all best practices transferrable, or do some depend on the local context?

09:00    Opening and Welcome. Hon. Mr. Jorge Lomonaco, Ambassador of Mexico in Sweden.                           PISAPyS Award

09:10    Introduction. Mr. Roberto Olivares, ANEAS


Water Resources Management for Water Security

09:25    Green Growth and the Water Security Nexus. Dr. Aziza Akhmouch, OECD

09:35    IWRM and the Pursuit of Water Security. Ms. Florence Pintus, INBO


Water Services Management and Cities’ Water Security

09:50    Integrated Management of the Urban Water Cycle. Mr. Ger Bergkamp, IWA

10:00    MDG's post 2015 and the Human Right to Water. Dr. Blanca Jimenez-Cisneros, UNESCO-IHP

10:15   Panel Discussion

              Facilitator: Mr. Roberto Olivares, ANEAS


10:40 Coffee Break


Water Security Responses to Extreme Weather Events

11:00    Prevention, Response and Mitigation of Damages from Extreme Weather Events. Mr. Bruce Stewart, WMO

11:10    Investments in Water Security. Dr. Diego Rodriguez, WB


Water Security a Precondition for Food Security and Environmental Sustainability

11:25    The Water, Food and Energy Nexus. FAO

11:35    Water Security and the Conservation of Nature. National Water Agency of Peru, Peru

11:50    Panel Discussion

             Facilitator: Dr. Vidal Garza, FEMSA Foundation


12:15    Closing and Final Reflections: Fostering Partnerships for Regional Cooperation on Water Security. CONAGUA and ANEAS

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