Linking Science, Practice and Policy under Increasing Complexity and Uncertainty

Wise use of vital freshwater resources under challenges of growing human demand and rapid global change will require that complex scientific assessments and predictions lead to robust, adaptive policies and practice. This workshop will convene scientists, policy-makers and practitioners to consider effective knowledge management and cooperation under changing freshwater futures. We will discuss how to communicate complexity to improve water governance and to address uncertainty through adaptation and risk mitigation. We will further explore how intermediary institutions can serve as effective knowledge brokers, and how to ensure the responsiveness of science and policy to tacit and traditional knowledge.

Effectively Communicating Complexity
Chair: Ms. Lina Barrera, CI


09:00    Introduction. Ms. Lina Barrera, CI

09:10    Keynote: Shedding Away or Engulfing Water, World and Earth complexity? Prof. Johan Rockström, SRC, Sweden

09:30    Impacting Policy by Harnessing Climate Change and Water Science Information Innovation to Support MENA Decision-Makers. Dr. Rachael McDonnell, International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture, USA

09:45    Using Scenarios to Facilitate Science-Policy-Practice Linkage: Case from the Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia. Dr. Marko Keskinen, Aalto University, Finland

10:00    Discussion


10:30    Coffee Break


Responding to Uncertainty: Adaptation and Risk Mitigation
Chair: Ms. Lina Barrera, CI


11:00    Interviews with Posters.
               Moderator: Mr. Furqan Assif

  • Making Sanitation Research Relevant to Policy and Practice: Case Study of Slums in Kampala, Uganda. Mr. Innocent Kamara Tumwebase, University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • The Criticality of the Irrigation Distributor/Dealer as Stakeholder Agent for Increasing Agricultural Production in the Sahel and Sub-Sahara Africa. Mr. Michael Davidson, Davidson Consultants, USA

11:10    Ensuring a Climate-resilient Water Supply amid Uncertainty in La Paz and El Alto, Bolivia. Dr. Marisa Escobar, SEI, Sweden

11:25    Project FOSTER: Communicating Flood Science across the Science-Policy Divide. Prof. Carolyn Roberts, Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network, UK

11:40    Collaborating for Sustainable Water Management in the Oil and Gas Industry. Ms. Sarah Fletcher, IHS, USA

11:55    Discussion



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