Managing Water Variability and Competing Demands in Complex River Basins

Adam Smith International; Murray-Darling Basin Authority and Stockholm International Water Institute

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Sustainable use of water resources is a global challenge manifested at regional, national and local levels. The interplay between growing demands from multiple users, information about resource availability, and governance all pose challenges for water managers.


This seminar provides an opportunity to compare approaches to managing these challenges based on experience in a number of complex river basins. Issues to be highlighted include approaches to cross boundary planning and governance, setting limits on use, and mechanisms such as markets to manage competing demands between different sectors.


Case studies have been selected to showcase multiple water resources and geo-political situations. The Murray–Darling Basin Authority will provide an insight into how Australia has tackled these challenges against a background of water scarcity. The nexus between water and energy security and how this has influenced water management in the Rokel-Seli, Sierra Leone will be explored while the Mekong River Commission will consider the challenges involved in managing a transboundary river basin.


The seminar will conclude with a panel discussion to draw out additional perspectives and form conclusions about the ‘essential ingredients’ for sustainable water management.

14.00      Opening of seminar, welcome and introduction of facilitator
        Mats Eriksson, Stockholm International Water Institute

14.03     Introduction to the theme
    Lenka Thamae, Executive Secretary of the Orange Senqu Basin Commison

14.10     Presentation from Sierra Leone
        St John Day, Adam Smith International

14.35     Presentation on the Murray-Darling
        Russell James, Murray-Darling Basin Authority

15.00     Presentation on Itaipu Hydropower Dam    
    Jorge Habib Hanna El Khouri, Itaipu Binacional

15.25      COFFEE

15.45     Presentation from Zambezi
        Gavin Quibell, Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility

16.10   Presentation on Mekong
        Hans Guttman, Mekong River Commission

16.35   Discussion on experiences and recommendations
        Lenka Thamae, Executive Secretary of the Orange Senqu Basin Commison

17.20   Summary and closure of seminar
        Mats Eriksson, Stockholm International Water Institute


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Monday 14:00-17:30
Room K24
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