New Knowledge, New Practice for Resilient Water Security

The last decade has seen the emergence of unexpected challenges to achieving water security. Uncertainties from climate change, volatile global trade patterns, and growing tensions in allocating water between cities, industry, farmers, and ecosystems as well as across borders, have cast light on the limitations of conventional approaches. Divisions between disciplines such as engineering, economics, and eco-hydrology have blocked creative solutions. Limited interactions between researchers, practitioners, investors, local communities, and decision makers have fragmented stakeholders and weakened governance systems. Very recently, key groups have begun to catalyse science, policy, and practice into a long-term vision of resilient water security. This seminar will showcase some of the novel approaches, emerging best practices, and lessons learned drawn from experience and analysis in both developed and developing countries. Case studies will highlight experiences addressing risks to coastal, high-mountain, and farming communities and challenges from climate-infrastructure mismatches and poor water management. Insights will be drawn from the various stages of climate change adaptation: technical assessment, policy and planning, and project development and implementation. The seminar will actively engage participants in roundtable discussions on lessons learned and overcoming obstacles to advancing resilient water security.

14:00    Opening Remarks and Welcome

14:10    Water Security through Scientific Co-operation: Lessons from Africa, Asia and Latin American Countries. Mr. Anil Mishra, UNESCO-IHP

14:25    A Risk-based Approach to Resilient Water Security and Lessons from OECD's Survey of Water and Adaptation Policies. Ms. Kathleen Dominique, OECD

14:40    Linking Engineering and Ecology with a View to Both the Past and to the Future. Dr. John Matthews, CI/ AGWA


14:55 Coffee Break


15:25    Water Security and Adaptive Measures in Vietnamese Delta Communes. Dr. Jenny Grönwall, SIWI

15:40    Tools and Approaches to Guide Investments in Water Security and Lessons from Projects in the Philippines, Nepal and Peru. Ms. Meghan Hartman, Engility, USA, and Ms. Jessica Troell, ELI, USA

15:55    Panel Discussion.

              Facilitator: Mr. John Joyce, SIWI

17:20    Concluding Remarks

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