Partnerships for Bringing the WEF Nexus to Life

In a business-as-usual scenario, it will not be possible to ensure water, energy and food security for all, since the natural resources are limited, vulnerable and strongly inter-connected. A radical transformation in planning and resource management is thus needed. In this context, the Nexus perspective helps identifying and overcoming trade-offs between water, energy and food security.

This seminar will bring together key actors building partnerships across sectors for implementing a nexus approach. Focus will be given on how to assess Nexus trade-offs and how to address them at international, national and regional level. First lessons learnt will be drawn from the Nairobi Nexus Dialogue convened by AU and UNSGAB in November 2012 and discussed how regional Nexus dialogues can contribute to build consensus on specific policy issues related to the water, energy and food security Nexus. Regarding the international agenda for sustainable development, the conceptual relevance of the Nexus perspective for post 2015 goals/SDGs will be an important element of the seminar.

14:00    Welcome Address. Mr. Thomas Stratenwerth, BMU

14:05    Keynote. Dr. Jeremy Bird, IWMI

 Assessing Trade-offs between Water, Energy and Food Security

14:15    Developing a Nexus Assessment Package: An FAO/BMZ Activity. Dr. Ulrike Pokorski da Cunha, GIZ  

14:25    Nexus Assessment in MENA Countries. Dr. Linus Mofor, IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre

14:35    The Foreseer Tool: The Influence of Future Demand Scenarios on Requirements for Energy, Water and Land Resources. Ms. Elizabeth Curmi, University of Cambridge, UK

14:45    Panel Discussion:

  • Dr. Linus Mofor, IRENA
  • Mr. Nicholas Bonvoisin, UNECE
  • Mr. Joppe Cramwinckel, WBCSD
  • Ms. Elizabeth Curmi, University of Cambridge, UK


15:30 Coffee Break


Addressing Trade-offs: Cross-Sectoral Dialogue for Water, Energy and Food Security

15:45 Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions. Mr. Mark Smith, IUCN

16:00 Nairobi Nexus Dialogue. Mr. Rashid Mbaziira, AU (tbc)

16:15 Panel Discussion

  • Mr. Mark Smith, IUCN
  • Mr. Rashid Mbaziira, AU
  • Ms. Salmah Zakaria, UNESCAP
  • Ms. Shahira Wahbi, LAS

17:20    Closing Remarks. Ms. Leveke Neumann, BMZ

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