Public Private Co-operation: The Key for Water and Energy Management

Eskom Holdings SOC Limited and Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd

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In most countries the private sector is the largest consumer of both water and energy. Their support to energy and water efficiency initiatives is essential if policies are to work effectively and get implemented.


The 2030 Water Resources Group and the Global Green Growth Forum catalyse investments in water and energy by private sector partners, building multistakeholder platforms, public private partnerships and prioritising projects on the ground.


This seminar will demonstrate how utilities can produce more electricity while using less water, and how better irrigation means that more water can be supplied using less energy. The UK energy regulator Ofgem will explain how these activities can be agreed, managed and regulated. SIWI will demonstrate how to identify priority activities in the water and energy nexus to ensure that water savings are maximized, while being affordable. Panels will provide an opportunity for in-depth discussions of some of the most salient points, and discuss how their organisation’s activities can be scaled up to ensure future global green growth.

14:00  Welcome and Introduction
           Mr. Anders Berntell, 2030 WRG
14:10 Providing the Enabling Environment for PPPs

  • The 3GF Approach to PPPs on Water and Energy
    Ms. Lisbeth Jespersen, 3GF, Denmark
  • Sustainable Hydro Development through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP): "Presentation of an Example in Lao PDR".
    EDF (tbc)
  • Optimizing the Water-Energy nexus, perspectives from an energy company, Alstom.
    Mr. Lawrence E. Jones, Alstom Grid Inc.
  • Water and Energy challenges in Tanzania, Public Private Dialogues as a Tool to Address them.
    Mr. Anders Berntell, 2030 WRG


15:30 Coffee Break


16:00 The Opportunities within the Operation of Facilities/Utilities

  • How to Save Water and Energy in the Municipal Water Supply.
    Durban Water Utility (TBC)
  • Jain Irrigation Innovative Model for Water and Energy Solutions for Small Farmers.
    Mr. Dilip Kulkarni, Jain Irrigation
  • Solar Powered Irrigation Opportunities, South Africa, Morocco and Yemen.
    Mr. Richard Colback, IFC

17:30 Close of Seminar

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