Science and Art of Water Cooperation

In an era of increasing competition and climate shocks, cooperation over water resources requires renewed efforts. While failure to cooperate can hinder development and lead to costly conflict, progress has been made in understanding the conditions that foster collective action. The purpose of this workshop is to bridge the gap between the science and art of water cooperation. Importantly, the workshop will highlight promising examples of collective action, and demontrate how knowledge can best be translated into effective training, education and institutional development. In addition, graduates of course programmes will contribute "Novel ideas to sparking water cooperation".

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Tools - Games and Finance
Chair: Dr. Anjal Prakash , SaciWATERS, India

Part 1: Advances in Serious Gaming for Water Cooperation

14:00    Short Interactive Games as Icebreaker
              Moderator: Prof. Pieter van der Zaag, UNESCO-IHE, The Nethrelands and Dr. Léna Salamé, UNESCO

14:15    Keynote: Dr. Blanca Jimenez-Cisneros, UNESCO

14: 30    Poster Show on Existing Games
               Moderator: Dr. Marian Patrick, ANU, Australia, and Ms. Zaki Shubber, UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands

  • Mr. Anton Earle and Dr. Ana Cascão, SIWI
  • Shariva Game (Lower Mekong). Dr. Wim Douven, UNESCO-IHE, The Netherlands
  • Canal Cleaning Game. Dr. Hans Komakech, NM-AIST
  • Wet Project Game


Part 2: Finance – The Way Forward

14:50    Panel: “The Great Benefits and Low Cost of Training in Water Cooperation
          Moderator: John Joyce, SIWI

  • Private sector: Mr. Christian Frutiger, Nestlé
  • Policy maker: Dr. Dipak Gyawali, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology
  • Educational: Mr. Themba Gumbo, CapNet
  • Donors/Philanthropists: Ms. Ana Gren, Sida

15:20    Concluding Remarks. Ms.Léna Salamé, UNESCO


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