Securing the Future: Designing a Post-2015 Water Goal

Global trends such as growing energy, water and food demand, population growth and climate change lead to widespread pollution and depletion of water resources. Inadequate sanitation, as well as, insufficient wastewater management and pollution prevention are a threat to health and the global environment. The relation between water and disaster is a growing challenge. Sustainable economic growth, poverty eradication and ecosystem preservation cannot be achieved in the future, if we continue to undermine the sustainability of our water resources base and the uses which depend upon it.

The Chair of the UN Secretary General's Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation's (UNSGAB) will present the Board's call for a global goal on water and recommendations on how best to integrate water and sanitation in the post-2015 development agenda and Sustainable Development Goals. The UN-Water Chair will detail the work of the UN agencies in this regard. Representatives of Member States and Civil Society will give their views and engage in a panel discussion.

12.45    Opening. Dr. Johan Kuylenstierna, SEI

12:48    Opening Remarks.  Dr Uschi Eid, UNSGAB Vice-ChairDr Uschi Eid, UNSGAB Vice-Chair

1:00    UN-Water’s Support to the Post-2015 and Sustainable Development Goals Processes. Mr. Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General  ofWMO and Chair of UN-Water

13:15    Negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals and a dedicated Water Goal - The Budapest Water Summit’s Contribution. Dr. Gabor Baranyai, Deputy State Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hungary

13:25    From Global Goals to Concrete Actions: Strategies for Effective Implementation. Mr. Angel Gurria, OECD Secretary-General  

13:35    Concluding Remarks. Mr. Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

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