Sharing Water: Engaging Business

Water availability is not even across the planet, as water quantity and quality are dependent on a number of local factors that include natural ones (such as geography), and also human-related ones (such as land use and regulatory frameworks). As water scarcity increases is some parts of the world, competition between water users to access the resource is also set to increase. Water is therefore to be managed locally, and collaboration will be critical to deal with the issue. Some organizations are already acknowledging this, and are engaging at a watershed level with other water users to better manage the resource.

Interestingly, the approaches differ from one watershed to another: while some companies are working towards common metrics to assess and mitigate local risks and impacts, some use valuation as a tool to inform decision and engage locally. Governments are also increasingly looking into techniques and innovative governance models to better allocate the resource between different users of a same watershed.

09:00    Welcome and Introduction. Ms. Violaine Berger, WBCSD

09:05    Why is Business Engagement Critical? Ms. Jane Madgwick, WI

09:20    The Challenge and the Solutions: Watershed Collaboration, Engaging Business, Better Valuing Water. Ms. Liese Dallbauman, PepsiCo, USA

09:35    Examples for Collective Action: EWP/RISE Project on Local Deals. Ms. Sabine von Wirén-Lehr, European Water Partnership

09:45    How to Initiate Successful Collaborations between Companies. Findings. Ms. Susan Fernandes, US BCSD, USA

09:55    Building the Great Lakes St. Lawrence River Basin Sustainable Water Resources Agreement. Mr. Dale Phenicie, CGLI, USA

10:05    Panel Discussion.

              Moderator: Mr Chris Baker, WI


10:30    Coffee Break


11:00    How Can Water Valuation Help Governments Better Allocate Water? Mr. Xavier Leflaive, OECD

11:15    Business Guide to Water Valuation. Mr. James Spurgeon, Sustain Value

11:25    Valuation as a Tool to Improve Decision Making. Mr. Mathieu Tolian, Veolia Water, France

11:35    Valuing Water to Drive more Effective Decision at a Watershed Level. Mr. Tony Kelly, Yarra Valley Water, Australia

11:45    Making a Business Case for the Valuation of Externalities. Mr. Alexandre Le Vernoy, SAB Miller, UK

11:55    Panel Discussion.

             Moderator: Mr. Xavier Leflaive, OECD

12:20    Conclusions. Mr. Joppe Cramwinckel, WBCSD

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