Stakeholders' Contribution to Drought and Flood Management

The Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) aims to enable society to manage risks and opportunities arising from climate variability and change, providing climate information in such a way as to effectively assist individuals and organisations in decision-making, to reduce the impact of climate-related disasters, improve food security, and enhance water resources management inter alia. Bringing together different stakeholders with a multi-disciplinary approach, Integrated Flood Management and Integrated Drought Management are highly dependent on access to high quality climate services. GFCS fosters dialogue between climate and water communities to improve accessibility and understanding of climate services in support of water resources management. To succeed in this task, different agencies at the international and national levels should increase their cooperative efforts. This side event will consist of a panel presentation by representatives of climate and hydrology services providers and the users of these services, including water supply managers, farmers and engineers.


Moderator: Robert Stefanski, WMO


17:45    Welcome Address. Mr Michel Jarraud, WMO


Setting the Scene

17:50    The Integrated Drought Management Program. Mr. John Metzger, GWP

18:00    Climate Uncertainty in Water Resources Planning & Management – Building a Science-Policy Interface. Mr. Philippe Guettier, FWP

18:10    The Associated Programme on Flood Management. Mr. Bruce Stewart, WMO


Panel Discussion

18:20    Questions & Answers

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