Stockholm Industry Water Award Ceremony and Founders Business Seminar: Sanitation - A Liquid Asset Stream?

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The seminar will start with presenting the 2014 Stockholm Industry Water Award to eThekwini Water and Sanitation.


Through a series of short presentations and a panel discussion, the Founders Business Seminar will, focus on if and how the private sector can contribute to sustainable scaling up of the provision of sanitation services. What is the sanitation market niche for corporations to get involved in? Should the business model be built around closing the loop and combining sanitation, energy and agricultural services? What are the conditions to attract impact investment into WASH at a much bigger scale? The seminar will seek to provide perspectives and answers on questions that underpin the development of inclusive sanitation business models benefitting from the experience of private sector, regulators, civil society and investors.

14:00  Welcome and Introduction
           Mr. Jens Berggren, SIWI
14:10  Introduction to the Stockholm Industry Water Award and presentation of the 2014 winner
           Ms. Karin Lexén, SIWI
14:20  Prize Ceremony
           Mr. Peter Forssman, Chair of the SIWI Board
14:25 Acceptance Speech and Introduction to Founders Business Seminar
            Mr. Neil Macleod, eThekwini Water and Sanitation

14:40 Introductory Briefs:

  • Dr Miriam Otoo, International Water Management Institute
  • Dr Philippe Rohner, Pictet Group
  • Ms. Maria Lennartsson, Environmental Expert, Development Administration of Stockholm
  • Prof. Grietje Zeeman, Wageningen University
  • Mr. David Auerbach, Sanergy


15:15 Coffe break


15:45 Welcome Back
15:50 Panel Discussion
16:50 Closing remarks
17:00 End of session

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