Strengthening the Basis for Water Cooperation across Borders

The seminar’s theme is water cooperation and the multi-level governance of internationally shared freshwaters. The seminar aims to: • inform preparations for the imminent entry into force of the UN Watercourses Convention, through discussions on potential institutional arrangements for supporting its effective implementation • present the framework and experience of the UNECE Water Convention, in view of the forthcoming global opening of the Convention for accession by countries outside the UNECE region • promote debates on the ILC Draft Articles on Transboundary Aquifers ahead of a decision on their final format • and review successful examples of water cooperation and governance in a transboundary context, including relevant tools and institutions, from the global to the local levels. The seminar will lead to improved awareness and knowledge of the instruments, institutions, tools and guidelines that facilitate cooperation.

Strengthening International Water Law as a Basis for Transboundary Water Cooperation

14:00    Welcome and Introduction. Dr. Anders Jägerskog, SIWI

14:05    Setting the Scene: Why Strengthen International law as a Basis for Cooperation? Dr. Owen McIntyre, University College Cork, Ireland

14:15    Do We Need a Home for the UNWC?  Mr Alexander Verbeek, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands

14:25    The UNECE Water Convention – Going Global. Ms. Heide Jekel, BMU, Germany

14:35    Evolving Norms under International Groundwater Law: The ILC Draft Articles and the UNECE Model Provisions. Prof. Joseph W. Dellapenna, Villanova University School of Law, USA

14:45    Discussion



15:30    Coffee Break


From Theory to Reality: Impacts of Law and Policy on the Ground

16:00    Recap and Introduction. Ms. Marie-Laure Vercambre, Green Cross International

16:05    The Future Implementation of the UNWC. Dr. Flavia Rocha Loures, WWF

16:15    Experience from the UNECE Region: Institutional Cooperation, Guidelines and Other Tools. Prof. Seppo Rekolainen, Finnish Environment Institute

16:25    Managing Transboundary Aquifers in Latin America. Ms. Lilian del Castillo Laborde, University of Buenos Aires School of Law, Argentina

16:35    Linking Communities across Borders. Dr. Alejandro Iza, IUCN

16:45    Interactive Discussion

17:25    Concluding Remarks. Dr. Anders Jägerskog, SIWI

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