The Next Big Paradigm Shift: From Linear to Circular Economy

Growing Blue;

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The linear economy is reaching the limits of a finite supply of resources, including water and energy. Circular economy thinking offers promising new perspectives for a renewed social and economic dynamic, where population and economic growth are balanced with environmental protection.


Moving away from the traditional consumptive models requires an increase in recycling and reuse of materials and water. It also demands creativity to overcome the divide between industry and community, and the silos of water, energy and resource management. Exploring such largely untouched spaces will make it possible to transform the mismatch between resources and growth into an exciting new economic, social and environmental revolution. In order to achieve this, we need to change our thinking and address these issues in a collaborative manner.


All actors  in the water world are essential in this new dynamic, to better resource the world. Forward looking institutions and stakeholders are invited to join this pioneering dialogue rooted in holistic thinking, to determine how to ramp up the circular economy beyond the silos of water, energy and waste, and how to build bridges among industries, municipalities and civil society.

14:00 Paradigm Shift and Exciting New Dynamic
          Mr. Laurent Auguste, Veolia

14:15 The Water-Resources-Energy Nexus: Towards Circular Economy
           Dr. Martin Stuchtey, McKinsey & Co.

14:55 Panel: Gathering Promising Experiences
          Moderator: Mr. Stuart Orr, WWF

  •     Mr. Joppe Cramwinckle, WBCSD
  •     Mr. Jason Morrison, CEO Water Mandate
  •     Mr. Carlo Galli, Nestlé
  •     Mr. Jacob Illeris, Veolia
  •     Mr. Diego Rodriguez, World Bank


16:00 Coffee break


16:15 Panel: Making the Best of Good Ideas
          Moderator: Mr. Ed Pinero, Growing Blue

  •     Ms. Anna Halpern-Lande, Shell
  •     Ms. Kari Vigerstol, Alliance for Water Stewardship, TNC
  •     Mr. Kjell Øyvind Pedersen, IVAR-IKS, Stavanger Municipality
  •   Mr. Johannes-Bastiaan Mohrmann, 2030 Water Resource Group/India

17:20 Wrap-up 
          Mr. Laurent Auguste, Veolia
17:30 Close of Seminar


  • Seminar conclusions
  • This event was webcasted live - visit more viewing and sharing options.

The seminar enabled the world water week participants and speakers to cross views about the future of water and energy, and what the emerging concept of circular economy can bring to the water sector.


The participants viewed the seminar as the beginning of a dialogue rather than a final answer. Cities  and industrial complexes already have waste sharing initiatives, but water is more complex, because water is not only a technical but also a behavior issue. No single business, no single authority can solve this, and the water sector has to appreciably reposition itself, whilst the regulatory environment and policies need to enable a more rapid adaptation of economies and mindsets.  

Full conclusions for the seminar can be found here.

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