Water and Energy: Beyond the Nexus

Increasing recognition of the water and energy “nexus” has raised awareness of the inter-linkages/interdependencies between these domains and the need to take account of impacts and benefits across multiple sectors. However, many barriers to cooperation between decision-makers and practitioners from water and energy still exist - from segregated market, policy and governance structure to different the use of vocabularies and the challenge of generating/combining data and information from different domains - which in turn complicate the evaluation and management of trade-offs.

This event will reach beyond the “water for energy”/”energy for water” metrics and the description of inter-linkages, focusing on a more practical examination of the broader water-related implications of the changing global energy mix and other energy production trends. Discussions will center on strengthening collaboration between the water and energy communities in the developing appropriate response measures, managing trade-offs, and maximizing co-benefits.


09:00    Welcome and opening remarks. Mr. Olcay Ünver, WWAP

09:05    Seminar Objectives. Mr. Andreas Lindström, SIWI

09:10    Welcoming Remarks and Introduction of Panel. Mr. Johan Kuylenstierna, SEI


Emerging Issues in the Energy Sector

09:15    Recent Developments in Energy Production and their Water Implications -Technical Aspects. Prof. Gustaf Olsson, Lund University, Sweden

09:35    Energy Policy Development and Implementation in the European Union: Trends and Emerging issues. Dr. Jens Bartholmes, EC

09:50    Energy Policy Development and Implementation in the Eastern Africa Region: Trends and Emerging Issues.  Mr. Zelalem Gebrehiwot, Eastern Africa Power Pool

10:05    Energy Security and the Changing Energy Mix - What Future? Dr. Jakob Granit, SEI

10:20    Quantifying Trade-offs of the Water-Energy Nexus. Dr. Diego Rodriguez, WB


10:35    Coffee Break


11:05    Panel Discussion: Implications for Water, Other Users and the Environment

  • Prof. Gustaf Olsson, Lund University, Sweden
  • Dr. Jens Bartholmes, EC
  • Mr. Zelalem Gebrehiwot, Eastern Africa Power Pool
  • Dr. Jakob Granit, SEI
  • Dr. Diego Rodriguez, WB
  • Mr. Richard Connor, UNESCO-WWAP
  • Ms. Rejoice Thizwilondi Mabudafhasi, Deputy Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, South Africa

12:00    Questions and Answers

12:25    Closing statement. Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella, Chairman  UN-Energy, Special Representative of the Secretary-General & CEO Sustainable Energy for All Initiative

12:30    Close of Seminar

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