Water Quality, Energy, and Climate Change

Pacific Institute
Pacific Institute

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Water, energy, and climate are closely linked, and considerable work has been done in recent years to try to identify and understand those links, with a focus on water quantity, scarcity, and use. Less work, however, has been done on the connections between energy, climate and the quality of water resources especially the risks to water quality from energy operations and climate changes. New information about how climate change will affect water quality is becoming available and there are growing threats from challenges such as enhanced fossil fuel production. 


This seminar will focus on the science of how climate change and related energy policies will affect water quality; and the governance/policy issues around how to manage these water quality impacts. During this seminar, information will be presented on linkages of water, energy and climate change as well as on the latest trends in water quality and the related responses.  

09:00 - Opening Remarks and Setting the scene

Jacqueline Alder, UNEP

What do we know about water quality, energy and Climate Change? Are the legislative frameworks adequate?

09:10 - Water & Energy linkages to Water Quality and Climate Change

Dr. Peter Gleick, Pacific Institute

09:25 - Which water for which use? Exploring water quality instruments in the context of a changing climate with increasing energy and water demand

Ms. Katharine Cross, International Water Association (IWA)

09:40 – International Water Quality Guidelines on Ecosystems

Prof. Jan Leentvar, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education.

09:55 - Questions and answers

10:30 - Coffee break

Worrying Water Quality Trends and Impacts: Are country responses enough?

11:00 - Towards the World Water Quality Assessment

Dr. Ilona Barlund, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ

Dr. Martina Flörke, CESR, University of Kassel

11:15 – The new data center of the Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS)/Water Programme

Dr. Johannes Cullmann, Federal Institute of Hydrology, Germany

11:30 - Capacity Building for Global Monitoring of Water Quality

Dr. Deborah Chapman, University College Cork, Ireland

11:45 - Reversing Water Quality Deterioration: The Case of Brazil

Mr. Marcelo Pires da Costa, National Water Agency (ANA), Brazil

12:00 - Questions and answers

12:30 - Close of Seminar

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