Water and Forest - Cooperating for Mitigation and Adaptation

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Stockholm International Water Institute
Tuesday 14:00-17:30
Room K24


Forests play important roles in both mitigation and adaptation to climate change. For mitigation forests are important as sinks for greenhouse gases. Accordingly the number of of REDD programs have multiplied around the world. However, the facilitation of afforestation often also has an impact on water use and availability in areas concerned. Growing forest consumes large amount of water that would otherwise have been available to downstream areas.


In other cases the forest facilitates improved infiltration and is thus beneficial for ground water replenishment. For adaptation to increased frequency of intense rainfall events, improved forest cover is beneficial for stabilising slopes and soil susceptible to erosion. On the same note, the forest may also contribute to even out increased variability in rainfall, helping the land to store water when in excess, and slowly release downstream during periods of scarcity. Forests can also support alternative livelihoods and help communities when for instance adverse changes impact on traditional agriculture.


14:00    Opening. Mr. Mats Eriksson, SIWI

14:05    Keynote: The Linkage between Forest, Water and Climate Adaptation. Dr.. Thomas Hofer, FAO

14:20    Climate, Forests and Water – Past, Present and Future in Asian Highlands. Prof. Xu Jianchu, ICRAF-East Asia and Kunming Institute of Botany, China

14:40    Optimization of Hydropower Performance while Reducing Environmental Impacts - The Andes-Amazon Case. Dr.  Leo Saenz, CI

15:00    Forests, Climate and Water from a Business Sector View Point. Dr. Hans Winsa, Sveaskog, Sweden


15:20    Coffee Break


15:50    The Government of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative. Mr. Per Fredrik Ilsaas Pharo, Ministry of Environment, Norway

16:10    Water and Forests – The Policy Perspective. Mr. Gérard Bonnis, OECD

16:30    Panel Discussion

17:15    Final Remarks


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