Serious play - Virtual world for water education

Wednesday 26 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: FH 201
Aqua Republica Serious Play, Credit DHI

This event will involve participants competing in a new online game to find out who is best at sustainably developing a mythical country called Aqua Republica! Modest prizes will be awarded to the best performing teams.

UNEP-DHI Partnership Centre and UNDP Cap-Net have jointly developed a new version of the online serious game, Aqua Republica, for educating and raising awareness on the challenges of water management and sustainable development. Apart from a fun competition, this event includes an introduction to the concept behind the game, as well as a discussion on its possible applications and benefits. Aqua Republica is a not-for-profit initiative. The version to be presented is primarily aimed at high school children, but does have scope for broader applications.


1400: Welcome, team and role formation

1410: Intro to the game, as well as team aim and role objectives

1420: Playing of the game by the teams (with help from a facilitator)

1505: In plenary, a facilitated discussion

1525: Declaration of winning team and presentation of prize