China Water Risk / HSBC

Rethinking water for growth: balancing trade, resource allocation & economy

Wednesday 26 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: FH 300

Water is high on China’s agenda. Trillions of Yuan have been set aside to fight the war its Premier declared on water, air & soil pollution. New policies & harsher punishments have been issued. Officials are openly declaring that water security is more important than energy security. China knows that it has to protect its water resources to ensure continued economic growth.

This event will illustrate how China is acting to protect its water and what the implications are for various sectors – key points below:

  • Water allocation: Industry and agriculture account for 85% of China’s water use but who should get more? An in-depth study of water use by these two sectors in a Chinese province will show how to best manage water between them
  • Trade-offs: Each product has a virtual water footprint. China can use trade-offs to manage water more effectively. Implications within China and beyond will be discussed
  • Market solution pilots: China is piloting new ways to manage water such as water rights trading and circular economies. We will discuss these and more


Rethinking water for growth

16:00      Welcome and Opening Remarks

                Made in China 2025: a future with limited water

                Ms. Debra Tan, China Water Risk

16:10    Rethinking water for growth: balancing trade-offs

                Ms. Zoe Knight, HSBC

16:25     Managing water for energy & food: a case from Ningxia province

                Ms. Lijin Zhong, World Resources Institute

Balancing trade, resource allocation & the economy

16:45      Panel Discussion

                Moderator:            Ms. Zoe Knight, HSBC

                                                Ms. Debra Tan, China Water Risk

                                                Ms. Naina Lal Kidwai, HSBC

                                                Mr. Piet Klop, PGGM Investments

                                                Ms. Lijin Zhong, World Resources Institute

17:10      Q&A

17:25      Closing remarks

                 Ms. Zoe Knight, HSBC

17:30      Close of event