Meeting the fundamental need for WASH in health facilities

Thursday 27 August | 16.00-17.30 | Room: NL Pillar Hall

According to a forthcoming WHO/UNICEF global report access to WASH in health care facilities is low (i.e. 48% of facilities lack basic water supplies) and major efforts are needed from a number stakeholders to strengthen national policies/standards, monitoring and implementation.  In the light of recent sector commitment to ensuring universal WASH access by 2030, including in healthcare facilities, this service gap requires urgent attention. This event will provide an update on recent global efforts to improve WASH in health care facilities, including a new global strategy led by WHO and partners.  An open forum will be facilitated to highlight solutions for strengthening monitoring and implementation of WASH in health care facilities from a diverse group of stakeholders. The focus will be on how monitoring and implementation can contribute to both WASH and health related post-2015 sustainable development goals.


Aims • Provide information on extent of problem-globally and locally-and present global work plan to address key needs • Orient WASH professionals to relevant health issues (universal health care, maternal/newborn health, infection prevention and control, cholera) • Highlight what WASH sector can contribute and how to engage in conversations with health sector colleagues Key messages • Problem is mulit-faceted (water, sanitation, hygiene, healthcare waste) and requires a multi-pronged approach to address human and financial resource along with infrastructure within a risk-based, continuous improvement mechanism • Health Sector needs to take ownership and lead while the WASH Sector has important technical and catalytic role Agenda 16:00-16:05 Opening Remarks Dr Maria Neria, WHO UNICEF 16:05-16:15 From global figures to local facility needs Fabrice Fotso, UNICEF 16:15-16:20 Global action and health entry points Maggie Montgomery, WHO 16:25-16:35 Quality Universal Health Care-WASH, the “X” factor Shams Syed, WHO 16:35-16:45 WASH as a means to provide safe and clean care in Ethiopia- how government and private sector partnered to make lasting improvements Ministry of Health, Ethiopia 16:45-16:55 Q&A on presentations Moderator 16:55-17:30 Panel and Q&A on key areas of work in Advocacy/Leadership, Monitoring, Research, Facility-based Improvements (Government, donors, int’l organizations; 3 min interventions each ) Moderation and conclusion Bruce Gordon, WHO