Oil and Gas Sector Water Management: From now to 2030

Monday 24 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: FH 300

The event will introduce the key driving factors for IPIECA’s work on water management for the oil and gas (O&G) sector, and discuss the need to understand the wider cross-cutting issues, such as the energy-water-food nexus, to develop a longer-term vision for effective water management. The session will encourage discussion on the role of the O&G sector in supporting sustainable development and help highlight the subsequent actions that may be necessary to develop this vision.

To help frame the discussion, a presentation summarising future changes on supply, demand and regulatory frameworks will be delivered, followed by perspectives from the O&G industry and an international NGO. The aim is to provide background knowledge to encourage collaborative thinking and discussion across sectors.

Following this, the panel discussion will begin with IPIECA sharing key water-related uncertainties facing the O&G industry, with the aim of soliciting stakeholder views regarding the future of the water management in the industry over in the next 15 years. By developing a longer-term strategy, underpinned by a vision aligned with stakeholder expectations, the O&G industry will be in a better position to understand wider constraints and concerns and contribute positively to future development challenges. 


Oil and Gas Sector Water Management: From now to 2030

14:00 Welcome & Introduction

Brian Sullivan, Executive Director of IPIECA & Alistair Wyness, Chair of IPIECA's Water Working Group

14:10 Presentations

14:10 Future Water Supply and Demand Challenges 

Paul Reig, World Resources Institute

14:25 Understanding the Shale Energy-Water Nexus in the U.S

Amy Emmert, Senior Policy Advisor - Upstream and Industry operations, American Petroleum Institute

14:35 NGO perspective on the science and trends in water resources conservation and potential implications for the oil and gas industry

Marielle Canter Weikel, Senior Director, Responsible Mining & Energy, Conservation International

14:45 Oil and gas company perspective on these future challenges and responses - From global issues to local solutions

Alfio Mianzan, Business Improvement Manager - Water and Green Infrastructure, Shell Corporate Environment

14:55 Panel Discussion and Q&A

15:25 Summary and wrap-up

Alistair Wyness, Chair of IPIECA's Water Working Group