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Cooperation on climate change adaptation and mitigation in transboundary basins

Wednesday 26 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: --

Climate change impacts on water resources will have cascading effects on many parts of the economy and society, as various sectors depend on water. 60% of the world’s freshwater courses are transboundary, hence cooperation on climate change adaptation at the regional and transboundary levels is critical for successful adaptation. In addition, adaptation measures may hinder or facilitate climate change mitigation measures and vice-versa. While such interrelations are often overlooked at the national level, the transboundary context adds another layer of complexity. How to increase synergies between adaptation and mitigation in transboundary basins? What are good practice examples and lessons learned from adapting transboundary basins to climate change? In the Rio Grande/Bravo basin shared by Mexico and the USA—an over-allocated and semi-arid basin predicted to become hotter, drier and more in demand—these questions are being asked and answered. WWF and partners from across sectors and both sides of the border are developing innovative strategies to restore native habitat, support poor and indigenous communities, maximize the benefits of water conservation actions, and enhance effectiveness of use once environmental waters arrive in high priority areas, even in the face of intense climate change.


14:00 Welcome and introduction by the moderator

Mr. John Matthews, AGWA

14:10: TED talks/ Foundational case studies related to adaptation and mitigation in transboundary basins


Dipak Gyawali, Nepal Water Conservation Foundation


Sahra Freeman, WWF

Agriculture: trade-offs between food, energy and water

Jamie Skinner, International Institute for Environment and Development

Policies and laws- from national to global

Dorothy Kaggwa, Nile Basin Initiative secretariat

14:40-15:10 Interactive discussions in roundtables on challenges and opportunities related to cooperation on adaptation and mitigation in transboundary basins

Energy: Moderator/ Rapporteur: Anna Forslund, SIWI

Ecosystems: Moderator/ Rapporteur: Sahra Freeman, WWF

Agriculture: Moderator/ Rapporteur: John Matthews, AGWA

Policy Formulation: Moderator/ Rapporteur: Sonja Koeppel, UNECE

15:10: Reporting back from the roundtables

15:20: Conclusions and way forward

Representatives of the convenors