BRAC / Population Services International

Beyond the Basics – Next Generation Solutions for Rural Sanitation

Thursday 27 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: --

 An increasing body of evidence demonstrates that lack of access to rural sanitation has far reaching impacts, from ill-health, loss of productivity, and reduced school attainment to lower adult incomes.  Over the last decade, different innovative approaches to provide poor people with access to rural sanitation have emerged. Many have demonstrated results at scale with high rates of return on investment.   Despite some promising results, most basic sanitation services have largely failed to reach the poorest rural populations.  Moreover, rural sanitation has largely failed to integrate with other developmental sectors such as nutrition, livelihoods, inclusive finance, and social protection.  A next generation of solutions is emerging that is trying to tackle scale, equity, and ‘mainstreaming’ of solutions to ensure accelerated and sustained access to sanitation service for all.   The event brings together some of the most promising ‘next generation’ solutions to sanitation around themes such as integration into social protection programs, institutional strengthening of local government to implement large-scale rural sanitation programs, and market-based solutions for rural sanitation.  On the basis of a series of 3 cross cutting studies, the event will identify the potential for cross-learning and critical success factors which can be integrated into at-scale country programs.


  • Moderator: Evariste Kouassi Komlan, UNICEF
  • 11:00  Opening: Jyoti Shukla, Senior Manager, Water and Sanitation Program, Water Global Practice, World Bank
  • 11.10  "Integrating rural sanitation service delivery into social protection programs - the BRAC WASH Programme." Md Akramul Islam, Director WASH, Tuberculosis and Malaria Control, BRAC
  • 11.25  "Anchoring rural sanitation service delivery with local governments to achieve services for all." Almud Weitz, Principal Regional Team Leader for Asia,  Water and  Sanitation Program, Water Global Practice, World Bank
  • 11.40  "Market-based solutions for rural sanitation." John Sauer, Senior Advisor WASH, PSI.
  • 11.55  High level panel discussion on key factors for the delivery of rural sanitation services at scale. Panel moderator: Louis Boorstin
  • 12.20  Closing: Evariste Kouassi Kamlan, UNICEF


To provide equitable and sustainable rural sanitation services for the poor, approaches need to be developed and tested at scale that go beyond basic service delivery.  This can be done by mainstreaming rural sanitation through a process of integrating sanitation into other development sectors and by building the capacity of local governments and local communities alike. Such approaches mobilize the latent potential of communities and the private sector; create synergies with local government, and ensure that increased access to rural sanitation impacts poverty alleviation and human development.