Water and Sustainable Development: Operationalizing the SDGs in Fragile States

Monday 24 August | 14.00-15.30 | Room: --

Globally, poverty is increasingly concentrated in fragile and conflict-affected states.  Achieving sustainable development in these states requires tailored approaches to water resource management and service delivery.  Past experience highlights, among other issues: the need for adaptive governance mechanisms to cope with a rapidly changing context; integration among water-related sectors and among the diverse institutions involved in water management and service delivery in a humanitarian context; conflict-sensitive support for rebuilding livelihoods (particularly agricultural livelihoods) and economies; and balancing the need for immediate provision of services with medium- to long-term Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Moreover, the low institutional and governance capacity that characterizes fragile and conflict-affected states coupled with high levels extreme poverty heightens their vulnerability to climate change and disasters.

As the international community transitions to a post-2015 development framework, it is thus essential to ask how peace and security considerations should be taken into account when operationalizing, measuring, and evaluating the water and sanitation-related SDGs.  This workshop will use a World Café/Salon format to engage participants in discussing key aspects of this question to develop recommendations, drawing on the past work of the conveners to identify lessons from experiences in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.


Water and Sustainable Development: Operationalizing the SDGs in Fragile States

14:00               Welcome and Overview

                        Jessica Troell, Environmental Law Institute

                        Erika Weinthal, Duke University

14:05               Learning from the MDGs: Building WASH Capacity in Fragile States

Speaker TBC, IRC

14:12               Assessment and Planning Tools for Meeting the SDGs in Conflict-Affected States

                        Hassan Partow, UNEP Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch

14:19               Accounting for Transboundary Water Management and Climate Change in Meeting the SDGs

Anders Jagerskog, SIWI

14:26               Financing the Water-related SDGS

Speaker TBC, World Bank

14:30               Set up for breakout tables

Breakout into roundtable discussions (15 mins at 2 tables for each participant)

14:40              Facilitated issue discussions on:


Climate and Disaster Risk Management



Ecosystem-based Approaches


15:10              Summaries from facilitators on table discussions (5 mins each)

15:25               Summary and wrap-up by moderator