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Collaborative water monitoring through open data and mobile technology

Wednesday 26 August | 11.00-12.30 | Room: NL Auditorium's Kiki Tazkiyah uses mWater on a tablet to conduct a borrower survey for the WaterCredit Program

From organizations working to ensure program quality and service delivery, to governments building national water point inventories and access maps, the need to monitor and evaluate water systems is clear. However, the updating and maintenance of the resulting  databases has proven difficult due to limitations in financial and human resources, as well as technology. In this session, we present examples of organizations and governments overcoming some of these limitations by embracing mobile technology to make monitoring efforts more collaborative, open, and less expensive. While acknowledging the significant challenges that remain, we shall also situate where mobile and related technologies can help towards sustainable monitoring at scale.

This interactive event will begin with 5-minute ‘lightning talks’ from organizations leading in this effort, followed by a longer period for questions and discussion. We will incorporate questions from the event participants and from an extended audience via social media channels. Also, staying true to our mobile theme, participants will provide quantitative feedback by voting on issues in real time using their phones or laptops. The event will conclude by identifying key challenges that remain for collaborative monitoring and key opportunities that should be further explored.


11:00   John Feighery, mWater: "What works in mobile data collection?"

Theme 1: Collaborative monitoring in the WASH sector between organizations and governments


11:10   Heather Arney,

11:25   Erik Harvey, WaterAid


11:40   Questions and discussion

Theme 2: Turning WASH data into action

11:50   Lightning talks:

  • Patrick Alubbe, Kenya
  • Anna Pollock, Millennium Water Alliance
  • Sarah Mendelsohn, The Water Trust


12:10   Feedback session from participants and social media

12:25   Closing remarks by moderator

Twitter hashtag for this event: #mapWASH